At White Oak Community Church, children are given every opportunity to learn about what an amazing God we serve! We take every chance to teach them about how God made them, he loves them, and that he has a wonderful plan for their lives! We strive to lay a solid foundation of truth and faith through many different classes and events. We believe children are a gift from God, therefore children are a priority in our ministry. It's an honor to encourage and equip parents to invest in the next generation (Proverbs 22:6).We know the importance of developing children's minds and hearts by teaching the biblical truths. Our hope is to see each child develop a dynamic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to see the Holy Spirit work through them to enable them to share God's unending and ever- faithful love with others. 

Sunday Morning:

  • 9am - Small Class-Combined Kindergarten-4th Grade
  • 10:15am - We start together in a large group with a time of worship and then we break up into the following classes: Pre-K/K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th girls, and 3rd-4th boys.
    At this time we are using the Gospel Project. It is a three year chronological timeline of the major events of the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and how God's plan of redemption is weaved in every story. In every lesson, kids are immersed in the gospel and learn how the gospel works on them, they become a part of the story, too, the very hands and feet in God's gospel project.
  • Wednesday Nights - 6:30-8 pm
    1st-4th Grade are Digging Into The Life of Jesus which leads the kids in walking in Jesus footsteps from birth to resurrection to ascension. Kids dont just learn about the historical Jesus: they get to know him personally. They discover that Jesus is a real person- a real friend-who makes a difference in their lives today.


  • Easter Luncheon and Egg Hunt - April 10th
  • VBS - June 5-8
  • Pre-Teen Camp - July 25-29 -current 3rd-6th graders
  • Annual Clothes Closet Giveaway - TBD(Oct.)
  • Fall Fest - Oct.


  • Check-In
    As you arrive at the sign-in table, you will be greeted by someone who can assist you. You will find your child's name on the appropriate roster and fill out a name tag for your child which is two part-one for one your child and one for yourself.
  • Drop Off
    Once you arrive at the classroom, a teacher will meet you at the door to welcome your child, receive your child’s diaper bag and any other necessary items you may have. If you have any specific instructions for your child please inform the teacher.
  • Enjoy the Service
    After you have completed the sign-in process and taken your child to his or her room, wave a quick good-bye and head into the main worship service. As you know, it is common for little ones to cry when a parent leaves. Typically, this does not last long. Our teachers will interact with your child to assist them with the transition. If your child cries for an extended period of time, we will put your tag number on the screen in the main worship service and meet you in the foyer of the sanctuary to bring you back to your child.
  • Necessary Items
    We ask that you bring as few items as necessary to service. Please label all personal items (including pacifiers and sippy cups) with your child’s first and last name before arriving at your child’s class. This helps us know which items belong to your child.
  • Heading Home
    When the time comes to pick up your child, please return to the appropriate room and present your tag to the teacher at the door. The tag will be matched to your child’s name tag before he/she will be released into your care. A child will not able to leave the room with a parent without the presentation of the tag. In the event you lose your security tag, you will be asked to speak with Angela Bly and asked to show proper government identification before your child is returned to you. Please make sure that you have all of your child’s belongings with you before you leave.

How is my child kept safe?

The only person who may pick up your child is the person who has the other half of the tag you received at sign in. All of our volunteers are required to pass background checks, so you can participate in the service assured that your child is not only having fun, but is safe as well.