We are honored and blessed that the Lord has called you to be a part of our women’s ministry! Whether you are 18 or 118 years old, you are an important part of this ministry and have unique and valuable qualities to bring to the table. We can’t wait to see how God is going to grow us this coming year!

Women’s Titus 2 Groups Purpose: Through the Gospel, WOCC women desire to use God’s Word to nurture, encourage and disciple others in unity with each other, WOCC and the community.

Titus 2 groups help to lead, guide and empower the women of WOCC in areas of Study, Service, and Shepherding. We are striving for a foundation that can contribute to the spiritual growth of ourselves, our family, our church and community for generations to come! Won’t you join us in this mission?

Listed below are opportunities for involvement between now and summer. Please contact our church office for more information on locations and times if not listed!

*Every Wednesday evening at White Oak Community Church: Dinner at 5:30 and study at 6:30
   ( With the exception of Spring Break)


Titus 2 Study Groups

2020 Calendar of Events

JanuaryWocc Progressive dinner postcard front

16th - "Grace for the Good Girl"

30th - Progressive Dinner


13th - "Grace for the Good Girl"

27th - Wrap up "Grace for the Good Girl"


5th - Promo night for new groups (?)

16th - Gospel study with Inga (and Stacy) at Heather's

19th - Gospel study with Shelby and Elizabeth

26th - Gospel study with Brandy (and Stacy)

AprilWocc Progressive dinner postcard back

2nd - Gospel with Shelby and Elizabeth

6th - Gospel with Inga (and Stacy)

9th - Gospel with Brandy (and Stacy)

16th - Gospel with Shelby and Elizabeth

20th - Gospel with Inga (and Stacy)

23rd - Gospel with Brandy (and Stacy)

30th - Progressive Dinner


4th - Gospel with Inga (and Stacy)

7th - Gospel with Shelby and Elizabeth

14th - Gospel with Brandy (and Stacy)

18th - Gospel with Inga (and Stacy)

21st - Gospel with Shelby and Elizabeth

28th (?) - Wrap up Gospel with Brandy (and Stacy)